30 OCT - 2 NOV 2020
30 OCT - 2 NOV 2020


I discovered cosplay in Paris during a convention on Japanese animation during my studies. I was initially interested in the creative side of this hobby, and I was not very attracted by the scenic side. Since small I love sewing and manual works, and cosplay allows me to discover new techniques and materials. This passion allows me to push forward my creative limits and my attention to the details of the costumes I make.

At the events I attended I was able to meet other cosplayers who became friends and with whom I took my first steps on stage during group performances at events such as Paris Manga, Japan Expo or Epitanime.

I had the chance to represent France for several international competitions, such as the Polymanga Global Eater in 2019 (1st place), the European Cosplay Gathering in 2014 (2nd place) and in 2019 (1st place), The World Cosplay Summit in 2016 (3rd place), and in Chicago for C2E2 in 2016 and China for CICAF in 2017.

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