30 OCT - 2 NOV 2020
30 OCT - 2 NOV 2020

Security and regulations

In order to ensure the security and capacity limits, the following regulations on entry must be strictly adhered to by all visitors who attend the Manga Barcelona

Entrance to the Manga Barcelona will be for one entry alone. Once you have left the Manga Barcelona it will not be possible to go in again unless you are one of the authorized personnel.

Within the grounds of the Fair it is strictly forbidden:

· To access with animals, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller skates and such like.

· To access the venue with flags and/or banners of an ideological or political nature, or anything that contains racist or xenophobic symbols or that incites violence or attack people’s dignity.

· In accordance with the Spanish Law (Real Decreto 137/1993) on Weapons Legislation, it is categorically prohibited for visitors to carry firearms, metal weapons or any blunt instruments or reproductions which look real and could be confused for the real thing. It is also forbidden to use any object that could endanger people, such as fireworks or inflammable products. The only reproductions allowed are weapons made out of plastic, cardboard or any other material that is not dangerous. 

· To cause disturbances that could affect public order.

· To smoke inside the Halls.

Visitors must respect those areas equipped as emergency exits and for fire protection, and must follow any instructions given by the Manga Barcelona and the Fira de Barcelona’s staff aimed at ensuring safety in the premises.

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